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Background on the Project's process

The research team is regularly editing, conducting, or preparing to do interviews for the Project. As we process completed interviews, they are uploaded onto the archive here and used to inform the team’s works on creating communal resources.

In addition to the outreach we did to narrators in order to conduct their interviews, we also made a decision to interview parts of the research team. We interviewed ourselves and shared our sakhis in order to give potential narrators an idea of the different ways your stories can be shown in this archive for now.

As the archive continues to grow, we hope to develop tools that will make it easier to listen, read, and search for stories, words, or themes across the interviews.

If you have issues accessing the files and have already tried trouble shooting (i.e., quitting and restarting your browser, using a different browser, clearing your cache, checking internet connectivity), please contact us.

Some guidance

On Using the Archive

Within the Archive, you can access different types of files:

  1. Outreach graphics (PDF, JPG, zip)
  2. Interview-audio files (m4a)
  3. Interview-transcript files (PDF)
  4. Interview metadata (PDF)
  5. Images and audio donated to the archive

Each narrator, event, or donated item has their own title. For the sakhis, each one is associated with the name of the narrator and by what we have available for them based on their privacy boundaries (“A” for audio and/or “T” for transcript file). The “metadata” files in each folder include some additional information about the interview experience (name, date, interviewee background information).

The “Live Search” bar, at the moment, is only able to search the archive based on a file title. For example, you could type in “audio” and all audio files in the archive will show up, but this is because we have labeled all audio files with “audio” in their title. The search bar is not (yet!) able to search within the files, such as identify all files that have the word “nitnem” in them or search the metadata to find all the interviews from dominant backgrounds. In future updates, we hope to continue making the archive more accessible for community members, learners, educators, and researchers.

Pardafash – To Reveal the Truth (15)

Ravi Dhillon (Pictures) (5)

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for sponsors to support our community. For details and a customized benefits package, please contact us at (800) 111 – 123 – 4567 or 773-584-6669.

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